Cockatoo Island: Biennale 2018

Greetings from Sydney! It is so lovely to be back in this city enjoying all the amazing people, places and food. As well as, of course, the wonderful museums and heritage sites. Today I visited my favourite island in the entire world, Cockatoo Island, to see the 21st Biennale of Sydney. It is quite unbelievable to think that two years ago I was working on the island and actually guiding tours to see the artworks that were on display! I visited the island with one of my closest friends, Emily. Continue reading “Cockatoo Island: Biennale 2018”

Museum of Sydney: Underworld

Hello, my name is Ziggy Potts and Rebecca asked me to share with you some of my thoughts on a recent exhibition. ‘Underworld: Mugshots from the Roaring Twenties,’ is now showing at the Museum of Sydney. This exhibition is one that I was very keen to visit, as I have always been fascinated by underworld figures seen in various television series such as ‘Tough Nuts: Australia’s Hardest Criminals’ and the various iterations of ‘Underbelly.’ Continue reading “Museum of Sydney: Underworld”

Australian Museum: Mammoths

Hello readers! It has been a while but I’m back again with a guest post. I recently took the opportunity to visit the Australian Museum so that I could see the temporary exhibition currently showing, ‘Mammoths – Giants of the Ice Age’. I also wanted to check out the newly renovated Westpac Long Gallery. When I arrived, however, there were signs everywhere stating that the gallery was closed due to some sort of technical problem – but more on that later. Continue reading “Australian Museum: Mammoths”

Art Gallery of New South Wales: Archibald Prize 2017

I am now en route to Boston for the International Symposium on the History of Anaesthesia. While in the States I will be visiting as many museums as possible in Boston, Philadelphia and Washington DC! In other words, prepare yourself for numerous blog posts and, of course, lots of photographs. Continue reading “Art Gallery of New South Wales: Archibald Prize 2017”

Museum of Sydney: The Moderns

The Moderns: European Designers in Sydney is now showing at the Museum of Sydney until November 26, 2017. There is something about furniture and homewares from the 1930s to 1960s that just fills a small void in my life. It’s basically the transformation of furniture from verging on impractical to sleek and beautifully designed. In other words, this movement allowed simple to be magnificent. When I heard about this exhibition opening in Sydney I was very intrigued. We must have had some amazing designers around this period, but I’ve never heard their stories. Today was the day to educate myself and admire the men and women who often fled tumultuous circumstances in Europe to practice their craft and realise their designs.

Continue reading “Museum of Sydney: The Moderns”

Penrith Regional Gallery: American Visionary

To celebrate 100 years since the birth of President John F. Kennedy (JFK), exhibitions are popping up all over America and in other places around the world. I was absolutely not expecting an exhibition at Penrith Regional Art Gallery and Museum. I was shocked to see that they were displaying photographs of Kennedy in an exhibition titled: American Visionary: John F. Kennedy’s Life and Times. Penrith is approximately one hour by train from Sydney CBD. The journey was worth it to see the exhibition. Continue reading “Penrith Regional Gallery: American Visionary”

Harry Daly Museum Seminar

Today I ran my first ever museum event. It was a medical history seminar titled: Collecting, Curating, & Conserving. We had an excellent turn out of thirty professionals from all over New South Wales and even Victoria! It was a genuinely lovely morning that involved being surrounded by incredibly passionate people in the field of medical history. Throughout the day, we heard about the challenges medical collections face and how various collections have been formed and maintained. Continue reading “Harry Daly Museum Seminar”