OPP Day 18 – Fulham Palace and Apsley House

Today was our final day of sessions for the Open Palace Programme! I will be writing a reflection of the entire program tomorrow so I will leave my final thoughts for then. This post will cover two sites - Fulham Palace and Apsley House. The former being the home of the Bishops of London until… Continue reading OPP Day 18 – Fulham Palace and Apsley House

OPP Day 17 – British Museum

I want to start this post a little differently to what I have done before. This is mainly because the first two hours of our time at the British Museum was spent enjoying being visitors and noting the forms of interpretation evident in the Enlightenment Gallery. Although containing fantastic objects and a wealth of information,… Continue reading OPP Day 17 – British Museum

OPP Day 16 – Hampton Court Palace

To prepare for this program, I enrolled in the online Future Learn - A History of Royal Food and Feasting course. The course was organized by Historic Royal Palaces alongside the University of Reading. It was a really wonderful introduction to food and royalty. Hampton Court featured quite significantly in the lectures so I was… Continue reading OPP Day 16 – Hampton Court Palace

OPP Day 15 – Tower of London and Kensington Palace

Our morning began with a brief visit to the Tower of London. Here we met building conservator Alden Gregory who took us behind the scenes in the Byward Tower. The Tower was originally built as the third gate of defence on the outer wall in the 13th century. Today, the two levels of the tower… Continue reading OPP Day 15 – Tower of London and Kensington Palace