Frederick C. Robie House

I still have a few blog posts pending from my recent trip to America. One that I am most excited to share is on Frank Lloyd Wright’s Frederick C. Robie House. Visits are by guided tour only and are conducted by representatives of the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust. You can see the outside of the house without being on a tour, but, I highly recommend spending 50 minutes of your day exploring the interior and learning about it’s significance to American architecture. Continue reading “Frederick C. Robie House”

Museum of Science and Industry

Warning: the following post contains images of human specimens that may make some viewers uncomfortable.

Similar to The Field Museum, the Museum of Science and Industry is a huge cultural institution that you could spend the whole day exploring. Everything from the building itself to the collection has a fascinating history. We never intended on visiting this museum. Why we decided to go will soon be revealed. Continue reading “Museum of Science and Industry”

The Field Museum

We have had way too much fun in Chicago! One major highlight of the past few days has been seeing the musical Hamilton. It was just, wow – worth all the hype and praise it deserves. I am trying to catch up with writing my reviews. Even though it has only been two days since I’ve last posted, we have managed to visit three museums and go on two tours. Before my terrible short term memory gets the better of me, I better start writing! Continue reading “The Field Museum”

International Museum of Surgical Science

The International Museum of Surgical Science is dedicated to enhancing an understanding of the history, development of, and advances in, surgery. It is the only museum in North America covering such subject matter. I wanted to visit for many reasons. Not only because of my current role, but also, because I’m genuinely interested in the history of surgery – except for when it becomes a little too gory. Continue reading “International Museum of Surgical Science”

American Writers Museum

Greetings from Chicago where it is currently 1°C and snowing! Definitely a change from the desert heat of Las Vegas. Due to the weather, we decided that visiting a museum would be wise. The American Writers Museum, located on Michigan Avenue, is dedicated to celebrating the influence of American writers on American history, culture, and identity. Continue reading “American Writers Museum”