Geological Museum: University of Copenhagen

Tucked inside the Royal Botanic Gardens in Copenhagen is the Geological Museum. Our motivation for visiting was to see the exhibition Flora Danica – a display of hand-drawn and coloured botanical prints. These were showcased alongside contemporary interpretations by Danish artists. Continue reading “Geological Museum: University of Copenhagen”

Design Museum Denmark

The following is part 2 of yesterday’s museum adventures. I’ll start by saying we didn’t really plan on visiting the Design Museum. I stumbled across it whilst googling what to see around the Medical Museion. What’s pretty cool is that the Design Museum is housed in part of the former Frederiks Hospital. Its collection includes furniture, textiles, and art. The mention of textiles caught my eye so I added it to our itinerary. Not only does it contain one of Denmark’s largest textile collection, but, they have made a great effort to place the majority of pieces on display.

The museum itself is beautifully designed. The grey marble floors and spacious display areas allow it to feel very accommodating. The entire museum is on one floor and you must walk through each section to see the next. Although we weren’t there to see the Japanese design exhibition, we walked through and were pleasantly surprised to learn the similarities between Japanese and Danish design.  Continue reading “Design Museum Denmark”

Medical Museion

We have had such an amazing day seeing some of the wonderful sites in the city and, most importantly, museum-hopping. Although we visited the Design Museum first, I am too excited to write about the Medical Museion. Since they are such different places, both deserve their own blog entry. The Medical Museion, founded in 1907, is a museum and research centre for the University of Copenhagen. It was opened to the public in 1918 and houses one of the largest medical collections in the world. Continue reading “Medical Museion”

Det Kongelige Bibliotek – Royal Danish Library

After arriving in Copenhagen at 6.00 am this morning we thought it was absolutely necessary to start our trip with a danish and a visit to Det Kongelige Bibliotek (The Royal Library). Nicknamed “The Black Diamond”, this library is a beautifully designed space seamlessly combining the old and the new. The old section of the library was completed in 1906. An extension was added in 1999 consisting of black marble and glass, hence the nickname. It is believed to hold every book published in Denmark dating back to 1482. Currently there is a small exhibition on treasures from The Royal Library where many of the earliest books are on display.

We spent some time inside the library sheltering from the rain. Personally, I was very excited to see the North Reading Room. I had heard it resembled something out of Hogwarts. So we went searching for a place where I could project my inner Hufflepuff. Before seeing the room in its entirety, your first taste comes from what you can see through glass inserts in a wooden door. What immediately captured my attention were green lamps lining wooden tables in the middle of the room. Surrounding these tables, against the walls, were bookshelves holding what appeared to be a wide variety of texts. Continue reading “Det Kongelige Bibliotek – Royal Danish Library”