Santa Monica Pier

Although it has been just over a month since returning from America, I still have a couple of blog posts to write. The first is all about Santa Monica Pier. I had to spend quite a bit of time researching its heritage status. From what I’ve discovered, the Pier itself and its historic entrance sign are yet to be registered on the National Register or California Heritage Register. They have, however, been acknowledged by the Santa Monica Conservancy and appear on the City of Santa Monica Historic Resources Inventory as Santa Monica Historic Landmarks. Continue reading “Santa Monica Pier”

Los Angeles Conservancy Walking Tours: Art Deco

Yesterday was our final day exploring Los Angeles. We have had an amazing time enjoying some of the museums and heritage places on offer. This morning, we joined Los Angeles Conservancy Walking Tours for an Art Deco tour of Downtown LA. In total, we visited 12 stunning examples of this architectural style. Our guide, Janis Ashley, was so knowledgeable and presented such a fascinating tour. It was less about the niche architectural features and more on the stories of the buildings and their owners. Continue reading “Los Angeles Conservancy Walking Tours: Art Deco”

Museum of Tolerance

After spending our morning at the famous Santa Monica Pier, we decided to visit the Museum of Tolerance. I had heard about this museum a couple of times during my postgraduate study so I was interested in experiencing it for myself. We hadn’t planned on going because it was a bit out of the way from everything else we wanted to do/see. That was until I discovered there was a bus from Santa Monica that stopped literally at the entrance to the museum. When we first arrived we were directed by a lovely volunteer who gave us a lot of information about the exhibitions. She also recommended a route through the museum that we followed. Continue reading “Museum of Tolerance”

The Getty Center

Today we spent the entire day at The Getty Center…literally the entire day. We arrived just after 10 am and didn’t leave until 4.30 pm, an hour before closing. My feet are screaming at me, but, it was so worth it. As well as exploring on our own, we joined a collections highlight tour and went on a Museum Hack tour! I am going to write about our day hour-by-hour. It seems like the most rationale way to approach what was an absolutely massive day. I don’t think I’ve ever spent this long at one cultural institution. Continue reading “The Getty Center”

The Griffith Observatory

Perched high above Los Angeles is the Griffith Observatory. It is often publicised to visitors as the perfect place to see the Hollywood sign and learn a little something about the universe. If that doesn’t persuade you to visit, you might also recognise the Observatory from the James Dean film Rebel Without a Cause. This film is one of the 300 that feature the observatory’s facade. We visited purely because I wanted to see the skyline of Los Angeles and watch one of the many films on offer in the planetarium. I love seeing anything to do with space even though it completely freaks me out how small we are in the bigger picture. Continue reading “The Griffith Observatory”

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

This morning we headed to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). I really wanted to see this famous installation that sits outside the main entrance. This work is titled Urban Light by Chris Burden. It consists of 202 restored cast-iron street lamps and is meant to represent a civilised city – safe after dark and beautiful to see. Wouldn’t it be nice if cities were safe after dark – especially for women. Maybe one day. As you can imagine, it is a hot spot for photographs. I couldn’t resist running between the lamp posts and posing for a quick snap. Continue reading “Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)”

Museum of Death

Greetings from the hot and sunny Los Angeles! Last time I visited this city I was 6 years old and only cared about one thing – Disneyland. Since then, my list of things to see and do in Los Angeles has grown longer and longer. Finally, I now have the opportunity to visit some incredible museums and see the sites. Today was our first day so we decided to take things easy and stay around our hotel. The Museum of Death was only a short walk away. I had heard about this museum from one of my true crime podcasts so I knew it was going to be intense. But, I was genuinely interested in seeing how such a sensitive issue can be displayed. Also, I think there is this human need to try and make sense of the unthinkable and macabre. Continue reading “Museum of Death”