Museums Galleries Australia National Conference: Final Day

I want to begin this blog post by thanking the organisers and sponsors for the Museums Galleries Australia National Conference 2018. Also, a huge shout out to all the wonderful people I met over the four days – including some Twitter friends! I am going to share with you the top 3 things that I will take away from this conference. Firstly, however, here is a quick summary of the day.Read More »

Museums Galleries Australia National Conference: Day 3

You know it has been a good day at a conference when your phone battery is on 1% and you have Twitter fatigue. You also start to realise that a portable charger might be a sound investment and you will definitely be acquiring one before the next conference. I’m trying to structure each blog post a little differently. Yesterday, I summarised a few of the talks, mainly going through what I liked about the day. Today, I’m going to provide a breakdown of what I did throughout the day. I am so grateful to have Twitter helping me out on this one.Read More »

Museums Galleries Australia National Conference: Day 2

Before I say anything about the conference, I encourage anyone reading this who is not on Twitter to immediately open a new tab, go to Twitter and join. It is such a valuable tool in connecting museum professionals. It’s also a great place to see absolutely everything happening at the Museums Galleries 2018 Conference. Follow #MGAconf2018, sit back, pour a glass of wine (or whatever you like) and enjoy.Read More »

Museums Galleries Australia National Conference: Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of the Museums Galleries Australia 2018 National Conference. While what was discussed wasn’t entirely tailored for the audience, there were still some fascinating topics on offer. Similar to last year’s conference, what I planned on seeing vs what I actually attended was a little different. Before I continue, I just want to say that the most valuable part of these conferences is meeting new people and catching up with others. Now that I’m so far away from Sydney and Melbourne, I am really valuing this time! Notice that I didn’t use the dreaded word ‘networking’ – this is because it’s so much more than that. I am truly lucky to be a part of such an incredible industry.Read More »

Museums Galleries Australia National Conference 2018

I have just arrived in Melbourne for the 2018 Museums Australia Conference. I am so excited for the week ahead! I am even excited to visit the conference venue – the heritage listed Meat Market. Tomorrow I am attending the Regional, Remote and Community day which looks to be very informative. I hope it is a day filled with ‘what you can do on a small budget’. I will be posting a summary of the conference every day including little sections on what I’ve learnt.Read More »

Conference Summary

Today was the final day for the International Symposium on the History of Anaesthesia here in Boston. Luckily, the program for this year contained a few talks on museums from around the world. We heard from Directors, Curators and Honoray Curators who were representing museums in Wales, Germany, America and Australia to name a few. I am going to summarise and comment on three of my favourite talks from the conference. These were all relating to museums (no surprise) and really highlighted the passion that can be found in this industry. They will be discussed in order of when they were presented.Read More »

International Symposium on the History of Anaesthesia

Greetings from Boston! Where autumn/fall is in full swing and the pumpkin spice lattes are on every menu. I have always wanted to visit America during this time of year and I am absolutely thrilled that this conference has lined up perfectly! Although it is technically my first full day in Boston (I arrived last night) there is already so much to discuss.Read More »