Ashmolean Museum Broadway

On our way to Nottingham we visited our final Cotswolds village, Broadway. One of the main reasons why I wanted to visit this town is because it’s home to an offshoot of the Ashmolean Museum. The setting for this museum is wonderful. Broadway is such a beautiful town with so many quaint cafes and shops. Even if you don’t intend on seeing the museum, add this town to your Cotswold itinerary. Continue reading “Ashmolean Museum Broadway”

Winchcombe Police Museum

I was so thrilled to see that the beautiful Cotswold Village of Winchcombe had a police museum! It was one room filled with objects here and there and folders containing village ancestry piled high. Such a beautiful local museum.

The first section told the story of Winchcombe. Basically how the town was constructed, then reconstructed, then constructed again. The town dates back to neolithic times – there is even a section you can touch fossils dating back to this period. The town’s strongest connection is to the Saxon period. It has survived everything in between and beyond. There are so many cute knick-knacks around the reception desk. Victorian and Edwardian love cards, opera glasses and their case and a few Roman mosaic tiles. Beneath the glass case of goodies are a few folders containing oral histories of the area. These were a very nice addition. It is great to see the history, told by the people, kept alive. Continue reading “Winchcombe Police Museum”