Biennale: Camperdown Cemetery

I wanted to briefly share the Biennale artwork on display at the Camperdown Cemetery. I had never heard of this cemetery before today so I was extremely surprised to see its historical significance. Founded in 1848 and closing in 1942, the cemetery was the main general cemetery of Sydney. It is estimated that around 18 000 people have been buried within its walls.

The Biennale artwork on show is by artist Bo Christian Larsson titled Fade Away, Fade Away, Fade Away. The headstones throughout the cemetery are being covered, one-by-one, in custom-made white sheet pockets. The purpose behind this installation is to cover the social status etc of those buried and for everyone to appear as equal.


Whilst I think this is an interesting installation I am glad that the headstones won’t be covered for long. I cannot wait to go back and explore the cemetery more. Headstones can reveal so much about the past. In a non-creepy way old cemeteries are actually amazing to visit if you ever have the time. Even the location of where someone is buried can say so much about their life and how they were regarded etc.

I started another blog quite a while ago and quickly grew bored with it. One post, however, was on this beautiful headstone found in the Old Burying Point in Salem, Massachusetts. Two children’s epigraphs are visible showing their dates of death as 1681 and 1682. The love that has gone into this headstone is why I find it particularly interesting and emotional.


I have lost track of how many hours I spent in this cemetery walking around and reading the headstones.

Anyway, I thought it was an interesting location for an art installation. Definitely one to see if you’ve ever wondered how the living and the dead can interact through contemporary art.

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