Sydney Update: Week 5

Today is not only my birthday, but the beginning of Week 5. I cannot believe I am almost halfway through my first semester! It has been such a wonderful course so far and I cannot wait to embark on my final weeks of learning.

Out of all the courses I have really enjoyed my collections management subject. I mentioned in a previous post I was writing an assignment for this subject on an object in my possession. I have selected an “Inauguration of the University of Queensland” booklet released in 1909. I am arguing that it should be donated to the Queensland Museum – logically a great place. Fingers crossed the piece goes well.

Other than that I am so happy to formally announce I will be participating in an internship over the summer break! Without giving too much away it will be in Melbourne, near the city centre, for one month. I will let you know more details when it’s closer to the time.

For our exhibition development subject we visited the Powerhouse Museum. I am very excited to see the Collette Dinnigan exhibition when it opens on the 5th of September. The centre for fashion at the Powerhouse will be involved in some pretty amazing things so keep an eye on their website for upcoming exhibitions.

We were very lucky to have a curator-led tour of their new Re-collect exhibition on health and medicine. It was truly a fascinating display. The design concept is basically put a whole bunch of objects into a display cabinet, grouped by theme, with little explanatory text. You could appreciate the aesthetics of the objects and speculate as to their original uses. This created a nice dialogue with the objects and took them from the past into the present. As I am pretty much fascinated by any medical history, this exhibition definitely catered to my interests.

Health and Medicine Courtesy of the Powerhouse Museum
Health and Medicine Courtesy of the Powerhouse Museum

To summarise, it’s been a very exciting start to the semester and I cannot wait to delve into more as the semester progresses.

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