State Library of Queensland: Brisbane Writers Festival

Before delving too far into this topic just a quick update on my studies. I have almost submitted all the assignments before mid-Semester break which is incredibly exciting. For my last essay, I am focusing on museums and ethics – specifically displaying human remains. I started researching with a clear idea that mummies in museums are fine. But I am not so sure anymore. Issues of time and place mean they are not as contested as say indigenous remains, but they are remains nonetheless. I’d be interested to hear some opinions in the comments.

This weekend has been exceptionally rewarding. Today I attended two sessions of the Brisbane Writers Festival. To start was a three hour workshop conducted by the very knowledgeable Felicity Plunkett. It was such a fantastic opportunity to learn about the art of reviewing and hear the opinions of others. There was even an opportunity to write a feminist review of Little Red Riding Hood. No doubt this information will be extremely handy for my future exhibition reviews!

Next was a talk on history and fiction. After having discussed this exact topic in a tutorial last week I was very interested to hear the panel. Whilst there were a few things said I very much disagreed with I thought some excellent points were raised.

In between these two sessions I couldn’t resist visiting GOMA. I was looking forward to seeing the Queensland Art show currently on display. It was a great mix of sculpture and painting from Queensland artists. GOMA just has this incredible display space that compliments the majority of shows I have attended. The neutral coloured walls of this exhibition allowed the artwork to stand out and demand attention. Great to see local art celebrated.

That’s all for this week. Don’t be shy, leave a comment 😊✈️

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