National Gallery of Victoria: 200 Years of Fashion

After Degas, I walked across the Yarra River to Federation Square and the NGV Australia. This was the first time I had visited the second location of the NGV! Although I didn’t have time to walk around and see the permanent collection, I did see 200 Years of Australian Fashion.

Unlike Degas, I had been looking forward to seeing this exhibition for weeks. I was especially intrigued as to how it would be displayed and what kind of stories it would tell. Of course, I was also looking forward to seeing the fashion! Continue reading “National Gallery of Victoria: 200 Years of Fashion”

National Gallery of Victoria: Degas

After quite an intense semester (to say the least) I was ready for a short vacation. The next three days in Melbourne will be packed with visiting exhibitions and seeing my supervisor again at Geoffrey Kaye! I am also excited to experience a few days of very cold weather and heated museums.

The first exhibition I visited was completely unplanned. I love pre-booking tickets online because it usually means skipping queues! With Degas, however, I decided to go very last minute. I knew very little about the artist except that he painted some ballet scenes. Since I was in the area I thought I might as well have a walk through and see his other work. I also have a soft spot for the NGV. I have yet to see an exhibition there that has been disappointing. Continue reading “National Gallery of Victoria: Degas”

Geoffrey Kaye Museum: Internship

Over the past twenty days I have been interning at the Geoffrey Kaye Museum of Anaesthetic History. I would firstly like to thank everyone who I have met along the way, especially my supervisor Monica Cronin. It has been an amazing experience and I am so excited to share what I’ve been working on!

To provide a bit of context, the Geoffrey Kaye Museum is located on St Kilda Road in Melbourne. It’s one of only a handful of anaesthetic museums around the world so we are very lucky to have it here in Australia. I find it a particularly fascinating museum because it combines medical and social history. So if you are like me and struggle to even pronounce what is written on some medications, it doesn’t matter. There is something in it for everyone. Continue reading “Geoffrey Kaye Museum: Internship”

National Gallery of Victoria: Warhol and Weiwei

Melbourne has been incredible to say the least. Working five days a week surrounded by medical heritage has pretty much been heaven. I am going to save my comments on the internship for a blog post of its own.

As for now, I’m going to say the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) never truly disappoints. Sure a couple of exhibitions haven’t quite lived up to standards, but, I  always walk away feeling I haven’t wasted my time. The new Warhol & Weiwei exhibition is no exception. Opening only six days ago now, I visited with a friend last weekend to have a stickybeak.

It is a huge exhibition spanning quite a few rooms. The only major issue I had was that I wasn’t quite sure why they were comparing these artists and since seeing the exhibition, yeah nothing. I couldn’t really see them operating together to unlock broader themes etc. Nonetheless, separately I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the work of Warhol and Weiwei. Continue reading “National Gallery of Victoria: Warhol and Weiwei”

National Gallery of Victoria: Hermitage

I had extremely high expectations for this exhibition and, in short, I was not disappointed. The Hermitage exhibition displays a large and varied range of paintings and objects that were collected by Catherine the Great and stored in St Petersburg, Russia. This is the first time an exhibition from the Hermitage has been held in Australia.

The sheer size of this exhibition meant it was well worth the entrance price. The way it was presented as well was nothing less than stunning. Each room was painted such a vibrant colour to reflect the artwork held inside. The space also replicates how the actual Hermitage looks inside. A very aesthetically beautiful exhibition.  Continue reading “National Gallery of Victoria: Hermitage”

Melbourne Museum: World War I Centenary Exhibition

I have been yearning to see this exhibition since it opened in April. We had such a wonderful experience at the Imperial War Museum in London earlier this year so I had very high expectations. Despite some issues with my audio guide, I thought the exhibition was very powerful and emotive.

On first entering the exhibition space, you are literally confronted by a ceiling-to-floor projection screen showing a film of pre-war Britain. If you have the audio guide with you it really adds to the emotion. You are told these men on the screen lived normal lives, did normal things, before the outbreak of the war. From this room onwards, you follow their stories and delve right into life during the war. Continue reading “Melbourne Museum: World War I Centenary Exhibition”