In exactly eleven and a half days, (not that I’m counting) I leave for what I hope will be an amazing holiday in Scandinavia. We are starting in Denmark, moving on to Sweden, and finishing in Iceland. My aim is to visit as many museums and heritage sites as possible! I’ve spent the last few weeks researching what these wonderful locations have on offer. Here is a quick overview of what to expect.

1. Denmark

I first visited Denmark in 2015 and instantly fell head over heels. It is such a beautiful city with plenty of museums and heritage sites. This time, I am going to focus on just a couple of museums and spend the rest of my time in the city exploring new areas and eating copious amounts of pastries. We will aim to visit:

  • Medical Museion – I’m obviously incredibly excited to see the main medical museum of Copenhagen
  • Viking Ship Museum – I visited this museum in 2015 and will hopefully have time to return
  • Roskilde Cathedral – Similar to the Viking Ship Museum, we will only visit if we have time

Nyhavn 4.jpg

2. Stockholm

We are planning on visiting quite a few museums in Stockholm. This will be my first visit and I am very excited to experience such a diverse range of museums! On the agenda is:

  • Vasa Museum – showcasing the only fully intact 17th century ship
  • Swedish History Museum – pretty self-explanatory what this one covers
  • Nobel Museum – permanent and temporary exhibitions on Nobel Prize winners
  • Nordic History Museum – a broader look at Nordic culture

By Benoît Derrier from Stockholm, Sweden (Stockholm) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons
3. Iceland

Fingers crossed we have the opportunity to witness the Northern Lights!! Iceland has been on the top of my travel list for some time now. With stunning scenery second to none and an amazing array of woollen sweaters, this should be a whole lot of fun. We have planned:

  • Þingvellir National Park – material ruins of the first open-air assembly place for the whole of Iceland – circa. 930
  • Iceland National Museum – I love seeing how a country represents itself in a museum space


We also have a few tours booked in each location. If I have time, I will write on these as well. I am really looking forward to sharing the beauty and wonder of Scandinavia!

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