University of Sydney: Semester 2.0

Back in Sydney and back to study. I’ve been a little quiet on the blog front lately mainly because I’ve been dealing with moving interstate (again), starting a new job, going back to study etc etc all the excuses. I am greatly looking forward to this year and all the museum and heritage goodness it will bring. The second half of last year felt so rushed and intense so I’m extremely happy to have settled in for a full twelve months this time around.

To kick things off I will be attending Biennale on the 21st of March. For those of you unaware of what this is, it’s basically a huge art festival they hold in various locations around Sydney. It runs for approximately two and a half months (18 March – 1 June). During this period there are a lot of huge and fascinating art installations on Cockatoo Island. A perk of working on the Island (one of many) is that I will be attending a behind-the-scenes tour of the artwork. I will make sure to write a little something about it and on the festival itself.

Previous art installation in the Turbine Hall on Cockatoo Island.

Speaking of the Island, on Tuesday I led my first public tour. I had a great group of very interested individuals who were so engaged the whole time. I never thought in a million years that I’d love being a tour guide as much as I do today. Public speaking was something I actively avoided. When I started taking convict history tours of Brisbane last year, however, a switch went off in my brain. All of sudden I had people actually interested in what I was saying and asking questions, wanting me to say more etc etc. The impact that had on me can never be taken for granted. It’s just unreal to now have the opportunity to talk about something I love (history and heritage). I think as well this whole ‘Australian history is boring’ thing needs to stop. We need to know our history. That is another rant for another day.

Moving on, my core unit subject on engaging audiences has a few excursions so again I will try to write some blog posts about those. Included are visits to the Hyde Park Barracks and Susannah Place Museum. That is basically what to expect from me until the Open Palace Program starts in July.

Until then, goodbye!


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