Museums I Love

Since today is Valentine’s Day I am going to share with you a ‘Top 5 Museums I Love’ list. Of course, this is entirely my personal opinion (just to make that clear!!). I hope to share another list soon with my top 5 heritage sites.

5. Hunterian Museum, London/Wellcome Museum, London –

In fifth place is a tie between the Hunterian and Wellcome Museums in London. I could not decide on which I liked more so I’ve put them both in. Essentially, they are fantastic medical museums in the heart of London. The Hunterian displays the medical specimens of William Hunter, an 18th century anatomist and collector. The Wellcome also showcases the collection of an individual, Henry Wellcome, and contains an extensive education centre and frequently changing additional exhibitions. They both offer an excellent insight into 18th to 19th century mentalities surrounding health.

4. National Museum of American History, Washington D.C. –

Washington D.C. is the absolute epicentre of museums and memorials in America. The National Museum of American History offers a diverse slice of American history that is accessible to everyone. The best part is it’s completely free to wander around and has one of the most amazing gift shops. From Julia Child’s kitchen to the red ruby slippers of Oz you can experience a lot in the one building.


3. Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde (Denmark) –

In third place is the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde Denmark. A bit of a hike from Copenhagen but well worth the journey. Inside you can find the remnants of actual Viking ships and a great permanent exhibition on the Vikings – explaining their way of life etc. What’s really cool about this museum is that it’s a living history museum. Right across the waterway you can find warehouses holding replica ships that will eventually sail.

Me and Viking Ship

2. Pergamon Museum, Berlin –

If the phrase ‘Museum Island’ sounds like heaven to you then Berlin is the place to be. The shining star of the island is the Pergamon Museum containing the huge Pergamon Altar and a segment of the gates of Babylon. And that’s just the beginning. To quote a fantastic tour guide, “you cannot leave Berlin until you’ve visited the Pergamon”.

Pergamon Alter 2

1. National Museum of Anthropology (Museo Nacional de Antropología) – Mexico, City, Mexico –

In first place is the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico. Everything about this museum is wonderful. From the physical architecture of the building to the thousands of objects on display you will not leave disappointed. The Aztec Calendar Stone is the most impressive object in the museum. Do not, however, miss the other rooms that are filled with information on the cultures of Mexico and the history of the country.


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