The Beatles Tour

So my time in England has come to an end. The last museum I want to review is the Museum of Liverpool. I don’t have a lot to say about this one. We visited just to see the Beatles installation show on the top level. That, in itself, was worth visiting. You step into darkened room that plays Beatles music and tells you a bit of their back story.

There is something else I’d like to write about – the Fab Four cab tour of Liverpool. It wasn’t a museum per-se but we saw a couple on the way.


Childhood Home of John Lennon
Childhood Home of Ringo Starr
Childhood Home of Paul McCartney

This was one of the best tours I have ever experienced in my life. If you’ve read my other posts you’ll know that I’m a huge Beatles fan. This tour took us to the birth house of Ringo, the childhood houses of George, John and Paul (the latter two are museums), the church where Paul and John met, Penny Lane, and Strawberry Fields. Let me tell you it was absolutely incredible to see these places. The stories behind them are something I’ll leave you to find out for yourselves. A little teaser – on Penny Lane you will see the shelter in the middle of the round-about, the barber, and the bank.

So that concludes this chapter for the blog.

Signing out from the History of Medicine Conference in Sydney. Heard some pretty amazing presentations today on medicine and the museum. Great conference!

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