The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction

So technically we didn’t go to a museum today but an “attraction”. For the sake of this blog, however, we went to a museum – The World of Beatrix Potter. I can understand why they don’t call it a museum. On the other hand, though, it was a building that contained various objects that told a story and represented a memory.

This is why I’ve called this entry “Let me Regress”. When I was younger my mother used to tape (on VHS my gosh remember those) episodes of Beatrix Potter on the ABC. I would watch them over and over again. My favourite, of course, was Peter Rabbit. I loved the stories and soon enough I was reading the books and admiring the illustrations.


I wanted to visit this museum to see the 3D displays and relive a part of my childhood. The introductory film was quite good in establishing a context. A bit of history about Beatrix Potter and the inspiration behind her tales. You then walk through a range of 3D displays representing all of her stories. These are absolutely adorable. In front of each display is an interactive screen where you can learn a little more about the story.

About halfway through the displays is a door leading to Mr McGregor’s Garden. This is a very very cute garden. You can even see Peter Rabbit’s little jacket!

Peter Rabbit jacket in the garden.
Peter Rabbit jacket in the garden.

There is also a room where you can take a virtual tour of the Lake District and see some Beatrix Potter sites of interest. This is quite fun to have a play with so make sure you do!

So although being an attraction rather than a museum there are definitely elements of both intertwining throughout the displays. There was also an introduction panel right at the beginning with a word from Emma Thompson. She is brilliant – enough said.

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