Spotlight: Anthropology Museum, Mexico City

What do you get when you combine an architectural marvel with amazing objects? The Anthropology Museum in Mexico City would have to be my answer. To describe how amazing this museum is would be impossible. Firstly, it sits in this huge park. Surrounded by greenery (even in winter) it is in an absolutely stunning location. The real beauty, however, can be found within.

When you first walk through the doors of the museum it looks pretty standard. Huge area with tiny desks and heaps of benches to rest on when it all gets too much. So you get your ticket and then it’s through door number two. You enter into this amazing open-air space with an Aztec column right in the middle. Water cascades down the column to the ground – literally the most beautiful entrance to a museum I have ever seen.

Selfie with the Sacrificial Stone
Selfie with the Sacrificial Stone!

Surrounding the water display are three huge buildings. To see everything in this museum would take probably a week. There is just so much to see I don’t know how you could leave feeling satisfied after only a day. I started in the most logical place I could find, the introduction to Mexican cultures room.

Aztec Fountain
Aztec Fountain at Entrance!

After this I couldn’t help myself and rushed to the Aztec Hall right at the back. Right in the middle of the hall is the Aztec sacrificial stone. Gory but amazing. The insight this object gives to the past is astounding – google it! If the stone doesn’t leave you awestruck the rest of the Aztec Hall will. Huge models displaying how Mexico City once looked as well as statues and jewellery can all be found inside. I really enjoyed seeing statues that depicted human ailments. The Aztec knowledge of the human body and illness was more advanced than you might think.

After the hall I headed over to the culture of Mexico building. There are so many rooms filled with textiles from all cultural areas of Mexico and how they have transformed over time.

After trying to see the museum as best I could solo I returned with our group a few days later. Our guide really took the objects and gave them life. A random statue of a lion became a symbol that once stood on the Temple of the Sun and was worshipped daily. it’s amazing how little bits and pieces can help you reconstruct things in your mind. From the tiniest of statues to the largest of sacrificial stones!

I really recommend this museum to anyone and everyone. It is one of the best in the world for its collection and display. It was wonderful to see a museum proud of its heritage and past, displaying it to the public and educating thousands of visitors per year.


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