Curating an Audio Guide

Very exciting post with regards to the audio guide for the Commissariat Museum! I have been selected to lay the foundations for an introductory audio guide tour. This is a fantastic experience to have and I am so looking forward to seeing what comes out of it. We’re using the IZI.Travel app which essentially allows for free uploading of an audio tour. I’m working on a general introduction tour so when people arrive at the museum they can take 30 minutes to get orientated and hear some of the stories in the museum.


So far I’ve subdivided the tour into six main categories ranging from the architecture of the heritage building to how the spaces are used and so on. First things first – a script needs to be written that I’m hoping a drama student will read through. This has actually been fun. I am typing it with that soothing audio guide voice running through my head. If it doesn’t sound good in an audio guide voice…it isn’t going to work.

Out of all the audio guides I’ve listened to around the world the one at Alcatraz prison takes the cake (picture above). It deserves the hype that’s for sure! The one thing I love most about this guide is that you really feel that you are in a different place when you listen. You can hear the cell doors close, prisoners talking in the background and when they introduce a new prisoner etc the voice changes. It creates an atmosphere. I hope we can recreate this feeling in our own museum and create something that is also worth the hype.

More updates to come but a draft is in the works and looks to be finished soon!

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