GLAM Blog Club: Trust

This month’s topic for GLAM Blog Club is the theme of Trust. Enjoy reading my insight into both trusting other tour guides and being a tour guide myself! 

My post begins in Las Vegas, 2014. My friend and I made the decision to go on a “Las Vegas Lights Night Tour” of the city. It was a fun tour filled with anecdotal stories, suggestions on places to visit post-tour, and a little bit of history. Throughout the night I remember thinking the guide was passionate and obviously knew their city. Jump to the end of the tour. We decided to check out some of their suggestions only to find that the information they provided was either wrong or out of date. Automatically I started to question everything they said and just like that, my trust in them vanished. Continue reading “GLAM Blog Club: Trust”

GLAM Blog Club: What I Want to Learn in 2017…

This is my first blog post for the GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums) Blog Club! I am so excited to be a member of this initiative. Once a month I will be writing an entry that relates to a specific theme or selected topic. For January the themes are:

“What I learned in 2016” OR “What I want to learn in 2017” Continue reading “GLAM Blog Club: What I Want to Learn in 2017…”