Museums I’d Love to Revisit

In honour of Valentine’s Day, two years ago I wrote a list of museums I love. Last year, I thought about what museums I’d love to visit. In keeping with this tradition, I am going to focus my post for this year on museums I’d love to revisit. This has been the most challenging by far. There are so many museums I would love to see again. This might be because my interests have changed or because I just couldn’t see everything the first time!

1. Museo Nacional de Antropologia, Mexico City

Reason: Visitor Fatigue

Mexico has some of the most incredible museums and archaeological sites I have ever seen. When we visited in 2015, the National Museum of Anthropology was our first stop. To say the least, it was an overwhelming experience. There are so many rooms and displays to explore. Even after two visits I didn’t feel like I’d seen enough! The highlight of the museum is the Aztec Calendar Stone (or Sun Stone). I would love to return and spend more time in the other wings of the museum learning more about the different cultures inhabiting Mexico.

Museum of Anthropology

2. Dessau, Germany

Reason: Time

Dessau was one of the most significant centres of the Bauhaus movement in the inter-war period. The famous Bauhaus school of design is now a museum and there are multiple walking tours that take you to the homes of the Masters. Although I spent just over half a day enjoying my time in the town, I feel that I could most definitely go back and spend longer going on tours and making my way through the museum. If I went back, I would stay overnight in one of the old student rooms and go on more tours. Just so I could really absorb the sites and history. There was also a canvas tote bag that I regret not purchasing.

Bauhaus Museum 6

Student Balcony

3. German Pharmacy Museum, Heidelberg

Reason: Greater Appreciation

In 2012, I visited the beautiful city of Heidelberg in Germany. I booked a tour of the Castle and, as per usual, arrived very early. I was wandering around looking for something to do when I came across the German Pharmacy Museum. I can remember it was a really interesting museum with recreations of pharmacies from different centuries. Considering my love of medical history has really developed over the past few years, I feel that now I would appreciate the museum on a whole new level.


4. Nordic History Museum, Stockholm

Reason: Visitor Fatigue

One of my favourite museums in Stockholm would have to be the Nordic History Museum. Anything and everything to do with Scandinavian/Swedish culture was on display. They also had a great audio guide and models where you could actually touch a mini replica of an object on display. Even though we spent a lot of time here, we did get exhausted towards the end and didn’t see everything. They also seemed to have a great array of touring exhibitions.


5. DDR Museum, Berlin

Reason: Crowds

There have only been a couple of museums that have made me super uncomfortable due to large crowds. The DDR Museum in Berlin and the Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville would have to be the top two. I honestly have no idea what was on display at the DDR Museum because as soon as I got in, I felt I had to get out. I am absolutely fascinated by this period of history and would love to return and actually see what the museum has to offer.

Ich Bin Ein Berliner

There are so many more museums I’d love to revisit! In saying that though, there are many more that I cannot wait to visit for the first time. Later this year I will be ticking off the Getty Museum, Museum of Tolerance, Museum of Death, and (hopefully if they find a new venue) the Museum of Broken Relationships in Los Angeles. A desperate plea to the latter – please find a new location in time for August!

I am already planning the post for next year (because I am too organised for my own good). I will be revisiting the first two lists to see whether my opinions have changed (or not) and whether I have visited any on my “I’d love to visit” list!

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