University of Sydney: Almost There!

Only three more major essays to go and my first semester is over! Reflecting back on it all, it’s actually been quite a fun semester. Between this blog post and the last I genuinely cannot remember if I’ve been to any exhibitions. Assignment-writing zombie brain.

What I have done, however, is help behind the scenes for an exhibition titled “Disobedient Objects”, coming soon to the Powerhouse. Originally the exhibition was on display at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

It looks so amazing I cannot wait for it to open! We’ll have a curator-led walk through sometime next week so I’ll make sure to write a quick blog note about it.

Other than that, I plan to see “The Greats” early next week. Masterpieces from the National Galleries of Scotland are coming to the Art Gallery of New South Wales until February next year. It looks a lovely exhibition so I’ll write something up about that as well. Speaking of the Art Gallery, next year they will be hosting a Frida Kahlo exhibition. My level of excitement is too high. I’m also hoping to have some spare time in January to see the Medieval exhibition at the Queensland Museum curated by the British Museum. It’s exclusive to Brisbane so yay – good decision guys. There’s just too much happening in the world of blockbuster exhibitions.

Frida's House, Mexico City.
Frida’s House, Mexico City.

Anyway, I will finish this blog post with a little “my studies” recap. My essays are almost finished and now I’m trying to work out what to do next year. In Semester One I will have to take the internship elective as I’m completing the placement over summer. I really want to take all my compulsory subjects as well. I hope for a good spread of content. This semester has been, on the whole, really great with the subjects I’ve selected. Exhibition Development especially was just so practical and I learned heaps about how to stop people leaning on object plinths. The proposal almost wrecked me but I’m so glad I persevered and actually produced work outside of my comfort zone.

Final thoughts: go to a museum and share the history/heritage love!

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