The Untitled Drawing Club: Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of The Untitled Drawing Club. For those who didn't read my last post, The Untitled Drawing Club has been created by Alexis Winter and transports people virtually, each Monday, to a new museum, exhibition, etc. The aim is to create an artwork inspired by your visit. If you would like to… Continue reading The Untitled Drawing Club: Week 2

GOMA: European Masterpieces from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Yesterday I visited the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) to see their new blockbuster exhibition, European Masterpieces from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. With artworks spanning from 1420 to the early twentieth-century, there is quite literally something for everyone. Seeing the works displayed chronologically allowed for a new appreciation of how western art… Continue reading GOMA: European Masterpieces from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

MuseumNext Digital Summit: Day Three

For each day of the Digital Summit I'm trying to find an overarching theme that helps me to organise the content I'm watching. For day three, the theme is audience. How can museums ensure that the content they are delivering during the pandemic not only engages but supports their audience? How do we know if… Continue reading MuseumNext Digital Summit: Day Three

MuseumNext Digital Summit: Day Two

If I was asked to summarise day two of the MuseumNext conference in one sentence it would be the following: COVID-19 has accelerated the need for museums to re-consider traditional ways of collecting and venture into the realm of collecting digital content from a diverse audience. I really enjoyed listening to how museums are adapting… Continue reading MuseumNext Digital Summit: Day Two

Sydney Jewish Museum

This morning I spent two hours exploring the Sydney Jewish Museum. In 2017, a new permanent display on the Holocaust opened, covering everything from the start of the war to liberation and migration to Australia. I remember visiting the museum during my Master's course in 2016 and walking through what was then a construction site.… Continue reading Sydney Jewish Museum

Australian Museum: Mammoths

Hello readers! It has been a while but I’m back again with a guest post. I recently took the opportunity to visit the Australian Museum so that I could see the temporary exhibition currently showing, ‘Mammoths – Giants of the Ice Age’. I also wanted to check out the newly renovated Westpac Long Gallery. When… Continue reading Australian Museum: Mammoths

GLAM Blog Club: What I Learned in 2017 & What I Want to Learn in 2018…

Welcome to my first blog post of 2018! I am hoping that this will be an excellent year filled with new adventures and lots of learning. The theme provided by GLAM Blog Club, what I learned in 2017 and what I want to learn in 2018, allows for both reflection and the opportunity to write… Continue reading GLAM Blog Club: What I Learned in 2017 & What I Want to Learn in 2018…

Rockhampton Art Gallery: Happy Birthday Play School

If you were born and/or raised in Australia during the last 50 years, you are probably very familiar with Play School. Personally, it played a huge role in my childhood, teaching me shapes, colours, songs, etc. I really wanted to see this exhibition when it was at the National Museum of Australia in Canberra last… Continue reading Rockhampton Art Gallery: Happy Birthday Play School

National Museum of Women in the Arts 

I am already breaking the promise I made yesterday about posting every second day. This is because I am literally too excited not to write about the National Museum for Women in the Arts. Before I begin, I am going to assume there are people out there who would say "where is the museum for… Continue reading National Museum of Women in the Arts