GLAM Blog Club: Collect


I’m going to start by ignoring the fact I once said I’ll try and write something every month for GLAM Blog Club. It wasn’t a complete lie…I have tried. This theme, however, is a perfect opportunity to reveal and discuss a couple of my personal collections.

Here are the two main ‘things’ I would say I actively collect:
1. Vintage and Vintage-Style Clothing
2. American election campaign pins

There are other bits and pieces I collect including World War I silk postcards and, randomly enough, letters written in Massachusetts during the American Civil War. The latter is probably the nichest collection I will ever have. Nothing, however, compares to my collecting prowess in the above mentioned categories. Continue reading “GLAM Blog Club: Collect”

GLAM Blog Club: Control


What an appropriate theme for GLAM Blog Club considering I am a control freak. In a good way of course. What can I say, I’m a true Virgo through and through. A big part of this comes from my desire to have things organised – I even colour code my wardrobe (yes, I have also catalogued the contents reassuring myself it was for insurance purposes and not for fun).

It’s also perfect timing because I am currently in bed sick with laryngitis. Did I plan for this to happen? No. Does anyone plan for this to happen? I hope not. There is so much in life you can’t control and as soon as I’m better I swear I will never take my health for granted! A promise I make every time I am sick. Continue reading “GLAM Blog Club: Control”

GLAM Blog Club: Happiness


New month, new GLAM Blog Club post! February went by so quickly I completely forgot to write something. To make up for it, I’m going to try and publish this blog as early in the month as possible. The theme for March is Happiness – i.e. what makes you happy? This is a huge theme to cover and consider, so I’m going to just focus on one moment where I felt nothing but happiness. Otherwise, we would be here all day. I say this because even on my bad days, I feel extremely grateful and happy to be working in an industry that is also something I’m passionate about.

My Moment of Happiness – Context

In 2012, I visited Weimar, Germany. This was partly because of my love for Bauhaus and partly because I wanted to travel to as many German cities as possible while studying over there. I had no idea just how much there was to see and do in this city. It is such a treasure trove of a place and it very quickly became my favourite city in the country, apart from Berlin. While there, I booked myself in for a tour of The Duchess Anna Amalia Bibliothek (Library).

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GLAM Blog Club: What I Learned in 2017 & What I Want to Learn in 2018…

Screenshot_2018-08-18 GLAM Blog Club – January 2018

Welcome to my first blog post of 2018! I am hoping that this will be an excellent year filled with new adventures and lots of learning. The theme provided by GLAM Blog Club, what I learned in 2017 and what I want to learn in 2018, allows for both reflection and the opportunity to write down some goals. It is now time to momentarily cast mindfulness aside and obsess over the past and ponder the future.

What I learned in 2017…

I have been trying to think of how I can summarise 2017. I was recently scrolling through some photographs and blog posts thinking “no way did that actually happen in 2017, didn’t I do that years ago?” Basically, it was one of those years. I spent the first six months living and working in Sydney then moved interstate to the regional city of Gladstone, Queensland. This move separated my year into two distinct segments.

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GLAM Blog Club: How I Ended Up Here


It has been way too long since I’ve written a post for GLAM Blog Club. This month, the theme is How I Ended Up Here. Not only does this allow for some great feelings of nostalgia, but also, time to reflect on my journey. It’s so easy to get caught up in the present or dread/fear/anticipate the future. How often do you take the time to sit down and really just remember where you started and how far you’ve come? I’m hoping that by writing this blog post, I can take the time to feel proud of what I’ve accomplished. I also hope that if you’re reading this post, you can also take some time out of your day to do the same. Continue reading “GLAM Blog Club: How I Ended Up Here”

GLAM Blog Club: Fear


Time for another GLAM Blog Club post! I am truly excited to write on the topic of ‘fear’. I’m going to tackle this topic from a variety of angles. Not just because I have many fears, but also because I work with some objects that absolute ignite fear in others.

To start, I’m going to write about my time curating a medical collection. A few years ago I realised that I very easily have vasovagal syncope episodes. Basically, for me, being somewhere medical can result in me fainting and feeling incredibly nauseous. There are also times when my vision has become very blurry and my pulse slows right down. It’s quite hard to manage and even when I try my absolute best not to pass out, it still happens. A couple of years ago now it hit me while I was standing in a pharmacy looking at some medication. I saw the word swelling, yes it only took seeing one word, and I was out. Vaccinations as well as blood tests almost always result in a vasovagal episode. Continue reading “GLAM Blog Club: Fear”

GLAM Blog Club: Trust

Image result for newcardigan glam

This month’s topic for GLAM Blog Club is the theme of Trust. Enjoy reading my insight into both trusting other tour guides and being a tour guide myself! 

My post begins in Las Vegas, 2014. My friend and I made the decision to go on a “Las Vegas Lights Night Tour” of the city. It was a fun tour filled with anecdotal stories, suggestions on places to visit post-tour, and a little bit of history. Throughout the night I remember thinking the guide was passionate and obviously knew their city. Jump to the end of the tour. We decided to check out some of their suggestions only to find that the information they provided was either wrong or out of date. Automatically I started to question everything they said and just like that, my trust in them vanished. Continue reading “GLAM Blog Club: Trust”