Queensland Art Gallery: Noel McKenna


Out of all the exhibitions I wanted to see in Brisbane, Landscape Mapped was at the top of my list. I had seen a few different works promoted on the webiste of QaGOMA, including the map of public bathrooms in Sydney’s CBD. In short, I was hoping for a pretty cool exhibition that used maps creatively and showed me something I had never known about Australia.

To provide some context, Noel McKenna was born and raised in Brisbane (this will be revisited later on). Over a fifteen year period, he painted maps of Australia highlighting the weird and wonderful. If I had to describe the exhibition in one word I would go with whimsical. It sparked a sense of curiosity and actually made me reconsider the geography of Australia and how it can be interpreted. In a way, this was the main aim of the exhibition – to look at Australia from a number of different perspectives showing how small parts can make up a whole. I think it most definitely achieved this goal. Continue reading “Queensland Art Gallery: Noel McKenna”

Museum of Brisbane: Tastes Like Sunshine


My plan was to see Tastes Like Sunshine later this month, however, an opportunity arose today. After 100% Brisbane, I was expecting a lot from the new exhibition at the Museum of Brisbane. While the exhibition was not to the same standard, it was still enjoyable and included some wonderful information and artworks. I am going to provide an overview of the exhibition then delve into a couple of different aspects.

According to their website, the exhibition seeks to explore the “flavoursome” side of Brisbane, revealing an evolving food story. This story is told through contemporary art, personal stories, historical documents, and images. Slavery, Indigenous culture, immigration, history of food markets, and food production in Queensland were all addressed within the space. On top of this, issues of environmental degredation and the treatment of animals were also tackled. Needless to say, this exhibition had a huge amount of content to display. Continue reading “Museum of Brisbane: Tastes Like Sunshine”