Museum of Brisbane: City in the Sun

Last night, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Museum of Brisbane's (MoB) new exhibition, City in the Sun, with the South East Queensland Registrars Network. We were so fortunate to have a Curator-led tour through the exhibition presented by Miranda Hines. MoB is a wonderful museum in the heart of Brisbane, located in… Continue reading Museum of Brisbane: City in the Sun

Queensland Art Gallery: Noel McKenna

Out of all the exhibitions I wanted to see in Brisbane, Landscape Mapped was at the top of my list. I had seen a few different works promoted on the webiste of QaGOMA, including the map of public bathrooms in Sydney's CBD. In short, I was hoping for a pretty cool exhibition that used maps… Continue reading Queensland Art Gallery: Noel McKenna

Museum of Brisbane: Tastes Like Sunshine

My plan was to see Tastes Like Sunshine later this month, however, an opportunity arose today. After 100% Brisbane, I was expecting a lot from the new exhibition at the Museum of Brisbane. While the exhibition was not to the same standard, it was still enjoyable and included some wonderful information and artworks. I am… Continue reading Museum of Brisbane: Tastes Like Sunshine