Museum of the American Revolution 


Although I am still releasing posts on Washington, I couldn’t resist writing about the Museum of the American Revolution. After our visit to the Mütter Museum (which will be posted about later) we were a little lost for what to do. This isn’t because there is nothing to see, actually it’s quite the opposite. You can’t take two steps in Philadelphia without seeing a museum. This is otherwise known as my kind of town.

We decided to visit the newest museum in Philadelphia, the Museum of the American Revolution. We are determined to leave Philadelphia with a better idea of what happened during the American Revolutionary War. At first I was a little hesitant to visit. I thought it was going to be another extremely patriotic museum that just focused on the Founding Fathers with little to no mention of anyone else. Of course they were mentioned, however, there was a great effort to integrate other groups into the narrative. Continue reading “Museum of the American Revolution “