Kennedy Space Center

I am so excited to share another review from Orlando! We decided quite last minute to visit the Kennedy Space Center located at Cape Canaveral. Basically the center consists of two sites: the visitor center (where the real Atlantis shuttle now lives) and the Apollo/Saturn V Center.

You begin your visit at the visitor center. Unlike a lot of other reviews that recommend starting with the bus tour to the other site I’m going to say start with the Atlantis exhibition. Why? Well considering I like learning about space but I’m not totally obsessed with it, this place will get you in the right frame of mind. After seeing a short film on the Atlantis and a space shuttle launch the movie screen opens to reveal the shuttle itself. I don’t want to sound corny but I seriously could not help but gasp. It was truly beautiful. For the rest of the trip I wanted to learn everything and see everything.Read More »


Checking in from the happiest place on earth. This is my first review from Orlando and the focus will be on Epcot (Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow). I said in my previous post I hope it filled the Expo ’88 void in my life and it did just that and beyond. Just to provide a little context of the place, Epcot was the second park opened by Disney in Florida on October 1, 1982. In its entirety it is about twice the size of the Magic Kingdom Park (my feet feel this pain). In Walt Disney’s own words regarding Epcot:Read More »

Geoffrey Kaye Museum: Internship

Over the past twenty days I have been interning at the Geoffrey Kaye Museum of Anaesthetic History. I would firstly like to thank everyone who I have met along the way, especially my supervisor Monica Cronin. It has been an amazing experience and I am so excited to share what I’ve been working on!

To provide a bit of context, the Geoffrey Kaye Museum is located on St Kilda Road in Melbourne. It’s one of only a handful of anaesthetic museums around the world so we are very lucky to have it here in Australia. I find it a particularly fascinating museum because it combines medical and social history. So if you are like me and struggle to even pronounce what is written on some medications, it doesn’t matter. There is something in it for everyone.Read More »

National Gallery of Victoria: Warhol and Weiwei

Melbourne has been incredible to say the least. Working five days a week surrounded by medical heritage has pretty much been heaven. I am going to save my comments on the internship for a blog post of its own.

As for now, I’m going to say the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) never truly disappoints. Sure a couple of exhibitions haven’t quite lived up to standards, but, I  always walk away feeling I haven’t wasted my time. The new Warhol & Weiwei exhibition is no exception. Opening only six days ago now, I visited with a friend last weekend to have a stickybeak.

It is a huge exhibition spanning quite a few rooms. The only major issue I had was that I wasn’t quite sure why they were comparing these artists and since seeing the exhibition, yeah nothing. I couldn’t really see them operating together to unlock broader themes etc. Nonetheless, separately I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the work of Warhol and Weiwei.Read More »

University of Sydney: One Down, Two to Go!

As of this morning, I have officially finished semester one of my masters degree! I am capitalizing on these few days of rest before jumping straight into my month-long internship down in Melbourne. I have three seasons of the Walking Dead to watch so some TV time is at the top of my to-do list. I am also hoping to see The Greats: Masterpieces from the National Galleries of Scotland at the Art Gallery NSW. I am planning on going tomorrow so I’ll have a review hopefully up by tomorrow night.

For now, it seems like a great chance to essentially summarize my semester. It has been incredibly full on, but, worth every single moment. I didn’t think it was possible to be more interested in heritage and museums. Luckily, this course is proving me wrong! It’s kind of funny that at the beginning of the semester I was completely freaking out I wasn’t capable for this study. Phrases such as intangible heritage and new museology seemed like such foreign concepts. Now, they are old news and I cannot wait to see what is in store next year.Read More »

University of Sydney: Almost There!

Only three more major essays to go and my first semester is over! Reflecting back on it all, it’s actually been quite a fun semester. Between this blog post and the last I genuinely cannot remember if I’ve been to any exhibitions. Assignment-writing zombie brain.

What I have done, however, is help behind the scenes for an exhibition titled “Disobedient Objects”, coming soon to the Powerhouse. Originally the exhibition was on display at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

It looks so amazing I cannot wait for it to open! We’ll have a curator-led walk through sometime next week so I’ll make sure to write a quick blog note about it.Read More »