Extended CV

Work Experience

Present Role

Curator: Integrated Pathology Learning Centre

  • Exercise responsibility for managing the pathology specimen collection and for overseeing projects and duties associated with the recording, cataloguing, handling, storage, regulating access and displaying of specimens in accordance with curatorial and conservation requirements
  • In collaboration with museum staff, carry out stocktakes and routine condition audits and implement maintenance programs to ensure the collection is properly preserved and specimens restored
  • Oversee requests, loans and transfers to other sites for teaching and exhibitions, and use technology to record and track their movement. Ensure databases are updated regularly
  • Appropriately deal with culturally sensitive issues relating to the collection, and process all new donations in accordance with the Transplantation and Anatomy Act 1979 and Regulations and the Information Privacy Act 2009 and Regulations
  • Develop, review and continually improve processes to ensure the IPLC operates effectively as a teaching museum, achieves high service standards, promotes a positive student experience, and is compliant with UQ policies and procedures and related legislation
  • Routinely liaise with and support academic staff in the pathology discipline, facilitate access to the collection for teaching purposes, and promote the museum’s resources and availability to other disciplines in the School and at UQ generally
  • Plan and engage in community outreach and promotional activities, and disseminate information through collection and exhibit catalogues, tours by external groups, and the School website
  • Perform duties associated with the supervision of museum staff and volunteers including induction, training, mentoring and (for staff only) workload and performance management.

Exhibitions and Education Officer: Gladstone Regional Art Gallery and Museum

  • Provide project management and administration support for the exhibition program
  • Assist with the management of the Art Gallery and Museum’s cultural and heritage collections
  • Research, develop and implement education programs and resources
  • Assist with delivery of an engaging, relevant, and effective schools educational program
  • Secure and monitor school and other group tour booking
  • Assist in the development of appropriate community and cultural outreach programs (including workshop programs)
  • Assist in the ongoing development of an Education Plan and budget for the Gallery & Museum
  • Provide up to date information to the public, art groups and artists, relating to the public education program and Art Gallery and Museum event schedules
  • Coordinate the presentation of the annual Golding Showcase and Martin Hanson Memorial Art Awards
  • Establish and maintain positive relationships and partnerships with external groups and patrons
  • Schedule and supervise Art Gallery and Museum volunteers during installation and demount of exhibitions


Curriculum Program Deliverer: Sydney Living Museums

  • Deliver high quality curriculum based programs for wide audiences (primary and secondary school students)
  • Provide engaging and interactive experiences that meet agreed syllabus requirements and the Australian Curriculum
  • Enable audiences to learn about, engage with and enjoy SLM sites and activities
  • Maintain effective interactions with other members of staff including those in the programs team
  • Respond quickly and effectively to changes in program running, the museum environment, and audience requirements
  • Process required documentation in relation to group tours and provided appropriate data as requested

Museum and Local Studies Assistant: Hurstville Museum and Art Gallery

  • Assisted in the delivery and evaluation of education and public programs
  • Conducted research relating to the collection and exhibitions – completed object research forms including information such as provenance, historical research, and significance
  • Promoted the Museum and Gallery’s exhibitions and programs
  • Open and close the museum measuring environmental conditions in the exhibition spaces
  • Worked alongside the curator to install “All Things Big & Small” (July 2017) – moved large objects and assisted with hanging exhibition labels

Digitisation Officer: State Library of New South Wales

  • Operate scanners and scanner database software (Bookdrive Capture)
  • Digitise paper material held in the rare books section of the library
  • Digitise over 500 pages per hour – in total I digitised approximately 300 000 pages
  • Work indecently and in a small team in order to reach targets
  • Conduct all necessary troubleshooting with database, computer, and scanners/cameras

Curator and Archivist: Harry Daly Museum

  • Manage museum programs furthering the development and accessibility of the collection
  • Develop, implement, and maintain collection management policies relating to acquisition, disposal, loans, display, storage, and preventative conservation
  • Manage the museum’s business and financial activities including budgets
  • Respond to museum enquiries from internal and external stakeholders
  • Produce long term and temporary displays for in-house and external venues
  • Develop public programs for wider audiences such as seminars and lecture nights
  • Transformed the archives by transferring all material to industry standard boxes, introducing climate monitoring, and producing a catalogue (approx. 500 boxes)
  • Use strategies and programs, including exhibitions, to enhance wider understanding of the history of anaesthesia and the role of the museum
  • Monitor procedures for appropriate acquisition, care and storage of the collections
  • Research the history of anaesthesia to further understanding of the history of anaesthetic practice and significance of the Harry Daly Collection
  • Write articles for the Australian Anaesthetist magazine


Digitisation Assistant: Trainor/Owen Collection

  • Digitise and research all objects in the collection for publication on eHive (approx. 323 objects)
  • Complete condition reports on all objects and captured information such as provenance, a basic description, and historical context
  • Photograph all objects in a makeshift light booth created from available materials
  • Curate a small exhibition titled ‘Tools of the Trade’ – radiology kits from the 1800s

Program Producer and Volunteer Program Officer: Powerhouse Museum

  • Assist with coordinating volunteer recruitment and training
  • Manage special projects and events as part of the volunteer coordination team
  • Utilise database software including Volgistics and TRIM
  • Deliver creative, cultural, and educational experiences for all age ranges
  • Report on programs to internal staff and provided support for review
  • Collaborate and deliver with Curatorial, Collections & Exhibitions staff to ensure that effective programs are facilitated and that public access outcomes are achieved along with the provision of a high standard of internal and external customer service
  • Integrate and facilitate public and festival programming, exhibitions, online activity, and collections access to a wide range of interested educational players
  • Provide support to the, development, implementation and review of an annual Business Plan consistent with the Museum’s Strategic Plan, including management and planning processes for delivery of programs including monitoring quality control of programs, customer satisfaction
  • Collect, interpret and report on programs, services and income generating activities, assist with monitoring income and expenditure
  • Ensure statutory and legislative requirements are adhered to and effective risk management procedures are in place
  • Maintained and enhanced partner and stakeholder relationships and ensure that MAAS programs maximise visitation, revenue and impact, and develop the overall reputation and profile of the Museum

Curatorial Assistant: Geoffrey Kaye Museum of Anaesthetic History

  • Complete research for and assisted in the development of an online exhibition
  • Compile the research for forty Fellows of the Faculty of Anaesthetists and completed twenty utilising Trove and other database systems – this included writing a short biographical statement, a full biography, sourcing photographs and objects from the collection, and arranging the information in the website format
  • Manage the collection databases and assisted with collection management
  • Communicate the significance of the online exhibition to internal stakeholders
  • Complete acquisition reports for ten new objects and enter them into the internal catalogue Inmagic

Geoffrey Kaye copy

Heritage Interpreter: Sydney Harbour Federation Trust

  • Communicate the history and significance of Cockatoo Island through education tours based on the Australian Curriculum and general public tours
  • Conduct group tours organised by the Trust, communicating the cultural, heritage and educational aspects of the Trust’s sites as well as promote the Trust’s role in the management of heritage sites
  • Perform safety briefings and maintained safety awareness
  • Assist with developing education material including revising tours
  • Conduct group activities with children such as educational games, creative art making, and writing


Collections Assistant: Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology

  • Update the database records of thirty Mexican clay figures including significance and condition reports – renamed all figurines in accordance with new naming techniques and research
  • Update the database records of forty 19th century book plates including translating their contents from French to English
  • Research all figurines allocating new titles, acquisition numbers, and photographs
  • Create template forms for both basic and complex condition reports
  • Assist with loaning objects to the antiquities museum at the University of Queensland including signing appropriate loan forms and travelling with objects

Education Officer: Commissariat Store Museum

  • Develop an education program in line with the Queensland Syllabus
  • Train volunteer guides in the delivery of the program
  • Create an audio guide with Izi.Travel for the permanent exhibition
  • Work in a small team environment including external and internal stakeholders
  • Revise the education statement on the main museum webpage
  • Assist in exhibition development planning for a new archaeology exhibition with the support of other volunteers and the company Cyark

Collections Officer – Textiles: Queensland Police Museum

  • Manage the uniform collection researching garments and creating new storage conditions to ensure preventative conservation
  • Publish uniforms to the Australian Dress Register database
  • Research all uniforms, including historical and community context, creating statements of significance – documented the transformation of Queensland Police Uniforms from the 19th century to the 1960s
  • Photograph each uniform on mannequins
  • Assist with general collection management
  • De-accession parts of the collection including replica and duplicate hats

Curator: Queensland Parliment Library

  • Curate an exhibition for the general public on 19th century international exhibitions
  • Select themes for the exhibition – food/drink, art, and awards
  • Source exhibition objects from a variety of sources including the wider Queensland community, managed rare book collections, and completed all labels
  • Liaise with internal and external stakeholders to research and design the exhibition

Education Guide: MacArthur World War II Museum

  • Develop public and curriculum-based programs in accordance with the Australian Curriculum
  • Communicate the history of Brisbane at War and the role of General Douglas MacArthur with diverse audiences running education programs and general public tours
  • Manage events including Brisbane Open House 2013 and 2014
  • Collect entry fees and recorded information on the daily sheet

Laboratory Assistant: Envoi and Aquesta Pathology

  • Assist with work in the laboratory including collecting specimens, booking specimens, collating paperwork, and entering patients into the database system
  • Liaise with hospitals and doctors around Queensland
  • Develop more efficient data entry and laboratory procedures through training programs for staff
  • Communicate with external stakeholders to ensure accuracy
  • Enter patient data into an internal database system


Masters of Museum and Heritage Studies: Unviersity of Sydney

  • Subjects: Exhibition Development, Audience Engagement, Presenting the Past, Interpreting Heritage, and Digital in the Museum

Quadrangle - University of Sydney

Bachelor of Arts (Hons.): Unviersity of Queensland

  • UQ Future Leader 2014, Bachelor of Arts Mentor, Awarded Dean’s Commendation for Academic Excellence (all semesters)

Awards, Checks, and Memberships

  • Museums Australia Conference Bursary Recipient 2017
  • Open Palace Programme Participant 2016
  • National Police Check
  • Museums Australia Membership

Professional Development

Conference Facilitator: Harry Daly Museum

  • Organised a conference for interstate medical museum professionals
  • Thirty participated evaluating the event as “excellent” in post-event surveys

Disaster Planning and Training: Disaster Planning New South Wales

  • Sat on the board of Disaster Planning New South Wales

Object Handling Workshop: Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences

  • Day workshop covering the basics of handling various types of objects

Exhibition Installations

  • Harry Daly Museum, “Permanent Exhibition Transformation”, 2016, Curated by Rebecca Lush.
  • Hurstville Museum & Art Gallery, “All Things Great and Small”, 2017, Curated by Birgit Heilmann.
  • Gladstone Regional Art Gallery and Museum, “2017 Intercity Images: Combined Images”, 2017, Curated by Jo Duke.
  • Gladstone Regional Art Gallery and Museum, “Priceless Past”, 2017, Curated by Jo Duke and Lyn Lee.


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