National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) – MoMA at NGV

This morning I braved the exhibition opening day crowds and visited MoMA at NGV: 130 Years of Modern and Contemporary Art from the Museum of Modern Art, New York. Not the world’s catchiest title, but, exactly describes what you are about to see.

Luckily I had planned ahead and pre-purchased my ticket. Otherwise I’d probably still be in the queue waiting! I got into the exhibition space quite quickly and started my journey through the displays.

If you are aware of what are called “compliment sandwiches” that’s exactly what I’m about to do next – positive, critical, positive. Let the implementation of a management strategy begin! Continue reading National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) – MoMA at NGV

MGA National Conference – Day 2

Before I say anything about the conference, I encourage anyone reading this who is not on Twitter to immediately open a new tab, go to Twitter and join. It is such a valuable tool in connecting museum professionals. It’s also a great place to see absolutely everything happening at the Museums Galleries 2018 Conference. Follow #MGAconf2018, sit back, pour a glass of wine (or whatever you like) and enjoy.

Today was probably one of the best days I have ever had a conference. It was informative, fun, and ended in me acquiring a gold dinosaur trophy. More on that last part later. I don’t quite know how to summarise the day. Every talk was like hitting the nail on the head in terms of being interesting and actually addressing the theme of the conference, ‘Agents of Change’. Continue reading MGA National Conference – Day 2

International Women’s Day

I am a day late posting this blog in Australia but right on time for people who live in other parts of the world where it is, indeed, still 8 March aka International Women’s Day! To celebrate, I wanted to write a short blog piece focusing on a few incredible women. The following women have been selected as I have recently seen their stories on display in a museum.

1. Amelia Earhart – National Air and Space Museum


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Museums I’d Love to Revisit

In honour of Valentine’s Day, two years ago I wrote a list of museums I love. Last year, I thought about what museums I’d love to visit. In keeping with this tradition, I am going to focus my post for this year on museums I’d love to revisit. This has been the most challenging by far. There are so many museums I would love to see again. This might be because my interests have changed or because I just couldn’t see everything the first time!

1. Museo Nacional de Antropologia (National Museum of Anthropology), Mexico City

Waterfall in Museum Entrance

Reason: Visitor Fatigue Continue reading Museums I’d Love to Revisit