International Women’s Day

I am a day late posting this blog in Australia but right on time for people who live in other parts of the world where it is, indeed, still 8 March aka International Women’s Day! To celebrate, I wanted to write a short blog piece focusing on a few incredible women. The following women have been selected as I have recently seen their stories on display in a museum. Continue reading “International Women’s Day”

Museums I’d Love to Revisit

In honour of Valentine’s Day, two years ago I wrote a list of museums I love. Last year, I thought about what museums I’d love to visit. In keeping with this tradition, I am going to focus my post for this year on museums I’d love to revisit. This has been the most challenging by far. There are so many museums I would love to see again. This might be because my interests have changed or because I just couldn’t see everything the first time! Continue reading “Museums I’d Love to Revisit”

#MuseumWeek on Twitter

This week was Museum Week on Twitter. Basically an opportunity for museums around the world to showcase their collections and stories while promoting a ‘theme of the day’. This year, there was also an overarching theme – women in museums. A fantastic opportunity for museums to consider the stories of those that are often marginalised. From following this hash tag everyday, I learned so many incredible stories of women and their achievements. A very empowering week. Continue reading “#MuseumWeek on Twitter”

Seven Days a Week

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a new entry. This is mostly because I’ve spent the vast majority of my time working. Rather than keep silent because of this, I thought why not post about what exactly I do. I’ll start by saying each week is completely different. Although this might sound exhausting to some, shaking things up, to me, keeps things interesting. I thoroughly enjoy doing something a little different every day! Continue reading “Seven Days a Week”

Museums I’d Love to Visit

For Valentine’s Day last year, I created a list of museums I love. This year, I’m going to focus on the museums I’d love to visit. My list is long…very long. I have painstakingly selected six that I want to share. Six may sound like a random number because it is a random number. I originally planned on narrowing my selection down to five, but, that proved an impossible task. Here is my shortlist arranged in no particular order! Continue reading “Museums I’d Love to Visit”

National Volunteer’s Week

Despite the fact that this week is National Volunteer’s Week, I would like to think that museums (and other institutions) around the world support and appreciate their volunteers every week. I’m using this week as an opportunity to say thank you to all the wonderful supervisors I’ve had over the past six years. The opportunities and wisdom you have provided has been truly amazing.

I started volunteering in 2010 at the MacArthur World War II Museum in Brisbane. I was procrastinating from studying and thought that maybe I should start volunteering somewhere. Mum and I had visited the MacArthur Museum some years earlier and I was so excited to see that they accepted volunteers. Little did I know this would be the start of a beautiful friendship between me and volunteering. Continue reading “National Volunteer’s Week”

Heritage I Love

On Valentine’s Day I wrote a top 5 ‘Museums I Love’ post. I promised I’d do the same with heritage places so here it is. Again, this is entirely my personal opinion.

5. Tower of London, London –

The first time I visited the Tower I was about ten years old. I still remember how excited I was to walk through the site and learn as much as I possibly could. Fast forward six years. Sixteen year old me was just as excited to see the Tower again and for this reason it’s my number 5. Side note, it has an amazing cafe inside that cooks really good home-style food. It also has a great gift shop. This was a tough choice because I really like all the Historic Palaces in England. Later this year on the Open Palace Programme I hope to learn more about these fantastic sites! Continue reading “Heritage I Love”