Museums Galleries Australia National Conference: Day 3

There we have it – my first Museums Australia Conference is now over. I’m currently sitting at the airport waiting for the flight back to my other home, Sydney. I am going to structure this post differently to the other two and discuss three main themes or ideas that were raised throughout the day. Each will have spanned over numerous presentations so I’ll make sure to credit the talks when they’re raised. Continue reading “Museums Galleries Australia National Conference: Day 3”

Museums Galleries Australia National Conference: Day 2

To keep things interesting, I am going to slightly change the format of my post today. Enjoy!

9.00 am – 10.30 am

I arrived at the conference after battling Brisbane’s ‘peak-hour’ traffic. First up was another plenary session consisting of a welcome and talks from Janet Laurence and Megan Cope. Laurence, who is currently in Germany, sent a video for us to view. I was immediately captivated when she started talking about medical history and botanical specimens. Check out her work, ‘Inside the Flower’, which was on display in Berlin. In this installation, you could walk inside a mini-Reichstag looking glasshouse and be instantly surrounded by a variety of medicinal plants. All of her work highlights this relationship between the human and natural worlds.

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Museums Galleries Australia National Conference: Day 1

The first day of the conference is unfortunately over! It was an incredibly interesting day consisting of a workshop at the State Library of Queensland and two sessions of speakers. I have so much to talk about I am going to try and be as succinct as possible.

State Library Workshop

My day started at the State Library of Queensland for a workshop titled Collection Care – Physical, Digital and Disasters! For two hours, we heard from leading conservators at the library about how to care for your collection. The time was divided between three speakers each of whom talked on the general topic of conservation from a different perspective.

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The People’s Ground ICOMOS/National Trusts Conference

The People’s Ground Conference runs from the 4th to the 8th of October at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to attend the sessions today and present a snapshot paper on the Commissariat Store Museum’s audio guide.

I wanted to briefly reflect on a few topics that were raised in various papers. There were three that particularly resonated with me. I also thought I’d provide a summary of my paper!

  1. Peter Lovell – “Killing the Inspiration”

Peter Lovell’s keynote presentation was the first of the day. It was an incredibly interesting and thought-provoking paper focusing on contemporary heritage and contemporary uses of heritage. In my museum and heritage studies course we have focused a lot on the Burra Charter. For those of you who don’t know, this has basically been the heritage go-to guide for conservation. It states that heritage conservation should do as much as necessary, but, as little as possible. This mentality has the potential to stifle creativity and can turn heritage sites from living to dead. Due to this, Lovell argued that this framework needs to be challenged as it does “not stand up to the breadth of heritage”. Continue reading “The People’s Ground ICOMOS/National Trusts Conference”