History of Medicine Conference

On Wednesday the 12th of July, I attended the History of Medicine Conference in Melbourne. I presented alongside three incredible women, Monica Cronin, Tilly Boleyn, and Ari Hunter, in a panel on Women in the History of Medicine. Rather than provide a summary of the day, I have decided to post my talk (an abbreviated version) and screenshots of some of the publicity our panel received through Twitter. It focuses on how museums can assist in rewriting dominant narratives and represent the women who have been consistently marginalised. Read More »

Medical History Weekend at the Geoffrey Kaye Museum

To kick-start this medical history weekend, I attended a writing medical history masterclass at the Geoffrey Kaye Museum. It was a day filled with reinforcing and refreshing my writing skills as well as learning new techniques. The participants at this workshop were a diverse group ranging from museum professionals to medical practitioners. In saying this, we were all connected by an interest in writing the history of medicine. This sort of collaborative environment is exactly what I think the discipline needs.Read More »