University of Sydney: One Down, Two to Go!

As of this morning, I have officially finished semester one of my masters degree! I am capitalizing on these few days of rest before jumping straight into my month-long internship down in Melbourne. I have three seasons of the Walking Dead to watch so some TV time is at the top of my to-do list. I am also hoping to see The Greats: Masterpieces from the National Galleries of Scotland at the Art Gallery NSW. I am planning on going tomorrow so I’ll have a review hopefully up by tomorrow night.

For now, it seems like a great chance to essentially summarize my semester. It has been incredibly full on, but, worth every single moment. I didn’t think it was possible to be more interested in heritage and museums. Luckily, this course is proving me wrong! It’s kind of funny that at the beginning of the semester I was completely freaking out I wasn’t capable for this study. Phrases such as intangible heritage and new museology seemed like such foreign concepts. Now, they are old news and I cannot wait to see what is in store next year. Continue reading “University of Sydney: One Down, Two to Go!”

University of Sydney: Almost There!

Only three more major essays to go and my first semester is over! Reflecting back on it all, it’s actually been quite a fun semester. Between this blog post and the last I genuinely cannot remember if I’ve been to any exhibitions. Assignment-writing zombie brain.

What I have done, however, is help behind the scenes for an exhibition titled “Disobedient Objects”, coming soon to the Powerhouse. Originally the exhibition was on display at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

It looks so amazing I cannot wait for it to open! We’ll have a curator-led walk through sometime next week so I’ll make sure to write a quick blog note about it. Continue reading “University of Sydney: Almost There!”

State Library of Queensland: Brisbane Writers Festival

Before delving too far into this topic just a quick update on my studies. I have almost submitted all the assignments before mid-Semester break which is incredibly exciting. For my last essay, I am focusing on museums and ethics – specifically displaying human remains. I started researching with a clear idea that mummies in museums are fine. But I am not so sure anymore. Issues of time and place mean they are not as contested as say indigenous remains, but they are remains nonetheless. I’d be interested to hear some opinions in the comments. Continue reading “State Library of Queensland: Brisbane Writers Festival”

National Gallery of Victoria: Hermitage

I had extremely high expectations for this exhibition and, in short, I was not disappointed. The Hermitage exhibition displays a large and varied range of paintings and objects that were collected by Catherine the Great and stored in St Petersburg, Russia. This is the first time an exhibition from the Hermitage has been held in Australia.

The sheer size of this exhibition meant it was well worth the entrance price. The way it was presented as well was nothing less than stunning. Each room was painted such a vibrant colour to reflect the artwork held inside. The space also replicates how the actual Hermitage looks inside. A very aesthetically beautiful exhibition.  Continue reading “National Gallery of Victoria: Hermitage”

Melbourne Museum: World War I Centenary Exhibition

I have been yearning to see this exhibition since it opened in April. We had such a wonderful experience at the Imperial War Museum in London earlier this year so I had very high expectations. Despite some issues with my audio guide, I thought the exhibition was very powerful and emotive.

On first entering the exhibition space, you are literally confronted by a ceiling-to-floor projection screen showing a film of pre-war Britain. If you have the audio guide with you it really adds to the emotion. You are told these men on the screen lived normal lives, did normal things, before the outbreak of the war. From this room onwards, you follow their stories and delve right into life during the war. Continue reading “Melbourne Museum: World War I Centenary Exhibition”