State Library of Queensland: Brisbane Writers Festival

Last weekend I attended my second Brisbane Writers Festival held at the State Library of Queensland. It was a really interesting day filled with tours and talks. I started by joining a curator-led tour of the exhibition Plantation Voices in the Philip Bacon Heritage Gallery. A huge thank you to Imelda Miller for her wonderful and informative tour. I really appreciated hearing about the decision-making process behind why certain objects and themes were included. It added this incredible new layer to seeing the exhibition. I want this post to focus on the exhibition and tour then briefly mention the other two events I attended at the end. Continue reading “State Library of Queensland: Brisbane Writers Festival”

Melbourne Museum: Gut Feelings & Revolutions Records and Rebels

On our final day in Melbourne we visited the Melbourne Museum. Our intention was to see the exhibition Gut Feelings and spend a little bit of time in some of the permanent displays. In the end, we had enough time to also wander through the temporary exhibition Revolutions: Records and Rebels. With the latter, I was unsure what to expect, but was really glad we made the decision to upgrade our ticket. Continue reading “Melbourne Museum: Gut Feelings & Revolutions Records and Rebels”

Immigration Museum: Tatau Marks of Polynesia & Perseverance Japanese Tattoo Tradition in a Modern World

Today we visited the Immigration Museum in Melbourne specifically to see two new (ish) exhibitions – Tatau and Perseverance. Essentially, both look at the significance of tattoos – one focusing on Polynesia and the other on Japan. Even though there were a few similarities, I am going to address each exhibition separately.

I have previously visited the Immigration Museum to view their permanent displays. If you are interested in reading more about what else is on offer, follow the link here. Continue reading “Immigration Museum: Tatau Marks of Polynesia & Perseverance Japanese Tattoo Tradition in a Modern World”

Bauhaus: Berlin

This will be my final post celebrating 100 Years of Bauhaus. We have arrived at our final Bauhaus destination, Berlin. There seems to be an ongoing trend with these posts – places that I visited have either closed down or been transformed/renovated. What’s really exciting is that this is happening so brand new museums and archives can open in each of the three cities. It is certainly an ideal time for Bauhaus fans to make the journey to Germany! Continue reading “Bauhaus: Berlin”

Queensland Museum: NASA – A Human Adventure

I want to begin this blog post by saying this exhibition, NASA – A Human Adventure, has been created to celebrate 50 years since the Moon Landing. Since then, the historiography of who was involved has been revised exposing those, particularly women, who achieved virtually the impossible to make the event happen. Unfortunately, this exhibition does not include them. I wanted to get this out of the way because I was so excited to see the exhibition and left feeling as if these important figures in history have yet again been hidden. This was a real opportunity to include these forgotten histories. Alas, the opportunity was not grasped and I believe the exhibition suffered from it. Continue reading “Queensland Museum: NASA – A Human Adventure”