Art Gallery of New South Wales: The Archibald Prize

This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Art Gallery of New South Wales and see The Archibald Prize finalists for 2019. Although I technically saw finalists from The Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes, I just want to focus on The Archibald. This was my second time visiting an Archibald exhibition. If you’re interested in reading about the exhibition in 2017, you can follow the link here.

In that post I gave a brief history of the Prize and talked about some positives and negatives. Can I just say that after rereading that post to prepare for this one, I realised I have almost exactly the same comments to make. The labels were still problematic (do not get me started on kid’s labels), but, the overall vibe of the exhibition was fantastic. The balance of artworks throughout the rooms meant it felt spacious and you could really take your time looking around and not feel rushed.Read More »