The Field Museum

We have had way too much fun in Chicago! One major highlight of the past few days has been seeing the musical Hamilton. It was just, wow – worth all the hype and praise it deserves. I am trying to catch up with writing my reviews. Even though it has only been two days since I’ve last posted, we have managed to visit three museums and go on two tours. Before my terrible short term memory gets the better of me, I better start writing!

We visited The Field Museum on Wednesday because I needed (not wanted) to see Sue the T-Rex. The majority of this post will be dedicated to Sue so that’s all I’ll mention for now. There is so much more to see and do in The Field Museum. We only had the energy to walk around a couple of exhibitions. As with so many large institutions, the key is quality over quantity. Select what most appeals to you and focus on seeing that rather than trying to tackle absolutely everything. On that note…Read More »