GLAM Blog Club: Change

The theme for this month’s GLAM Blog Club is…. Change! I have been considering what angle to take on this theme. Rather than just write about the changes I’ve experienced in my life, e.g. moving to work in a regional museum, I wanted to dig a little deeper. I love it when I visit a museum and leave feeling a little bit like I have, dare I say, changed. This could be on a real fundamental level, making me question my beliefs and values, or on a less intense level, making me stop and go wow that has had an impact. The following is a list of four museums/exhibitions that I feel have changed me in some way shape or form.

  1. Road Through Midnight: A Civil Rights Memorial – a photographic exhibition by Jessica Ingram (temporary display at the Tennessee State Museum, 2016)

I’m going to start with a pretty intense exhibition that changed the way I think about documenting trauma and displaying it in a museum space. I stumbled across this exhibition while visiting Nashville in 2016. The Tennessee State Museum was on my must-see list. I had no idea that the museum was going to be so absolutely massive. Visitor fatigue set in quite quickly so I walked over to their temporary exhibition space to try and re-focus. It was here that I saw what has continued to be the most powerful exhibition I have ever seen. Continue reading “GLAM Blog Club: Change”