Heritage I Love

On Valentine’s Day I wrote a top 5 ‘Museums I Love’ post. I promised I’d do the same with heritage places so here it is. Again, this is entirely my personal opinion.

5. Tower of London, London – http://www.hrp.org.uk/tower-of-london/

The first time I visited the Tower I was about ten years old. I still remember how excited I was to walk through the site and learn as much as I possibly could. Fast forward six years. Sixteen year old me was just as excited to see the Tower again and for this reason it’s my number 5. Side note, it has an amazing cafe inside that cooks really good home-style food. It also has a great gift shop. This was a tough choice because I really like all the Historic Palaces in England. Later this year on the Open Palace Programme I hope to learn more about these fantastic sites! Continue reading “Heritage I Love”