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Another week, another excursion to a museum in Sydney. On Friday we visited the National Maritime Museum to hear from the curator, exhibition designer and conservator. Specifically, they were all talking about this exhibition:

On their own - Britain's child migrants

‘On Their Own’ has been touring both nationally and internationally for the past five years. A feat worth congratulating! The purpose of the exhibition is to tell the stories of some child migrants who were sent from the United Kingdom to Australia between the late 19th century and the 1960s. Their stories of hardship, abuse and assimilation are displayed for all to see.

I really enjoyed the talks from the designer and conservator. Conservation is a field I am particularly interested in and it was great to hear exactly what a conservator does in their day-to-day life.

The main reason why I’m reviewing this talk is because it beautifully highlighted a role of the museum I had never known existed. Through the physical exhibition and online forum, a couple of these children were reunited with either family or friends. The emotional connection that had been lost could once again be forged thanks to the running of this exhibition.

It is currently in the United Kingdom and will be traveling to the V&A Museum of Childhood for next year. If you’re in the United Kingdom, or if you saw this exhibition in Australia, let me know!

Courtesy of: Alex Proimos from Sydney, Australia – Australian National Maritime Museum, CC BY 2.0,


Author: Rebecca Lush

Curator at the Integrated Pathology Learning Centre.

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