Sydney Living Museums: Justice & Police Museum

This week, to help me settle in a little better, I decided to visit a couple of the museums in Sydney. Mum came down for the weekend so luckily I had a companion. We decided to visit some of the Sydney Living Museums. There are twelve in and around Sydney. What I love about these museums is that all of them hold collections within heritage buildings. I have posted about this numerous times but when heritage and museums combine it is a truly beautiful thing.

Surprise, surprise my favourite we visited was the Justice & Police Museum down near Circular Key. Continue reading “Sydney Living Museums: Justice & Police Museum”

University of Sydney: Greetings from Sydney!

What an exciting week it has been! I am so grateful to all the wonderful people here at Women’s College in Sydney for helping my transition from Queensland to New South Wales go smoothly.

On Monday formal classes will begin and I will officially be a postgraduate student in Museum and Heritage Studies. My blogs will now focus on what I am studying/learning here at the University of Sydney. I will try to write as often as possible! This may be difficult depending on the workload but I’m sure I’ll find some time to document my studies. Continue reading “University of Sydney: Greetings from Sydney!”

University of Sydney: Nicholson Museum

Between morning and afternoon conference sessions today I visited the Nicholson Museum in the Quadrangle of the University of Sydney. This was my second time visiting Australia’s oldest University Museum. The first was in January this year. I was very glad to see there was a special exhibition on Pompeii. It is a marvellous museum in Sydney. Its treatment and display of antiquities is astounding!

The section I really enjoyed is titled “Death Magic”. There are a few reasons why this particular exhibit impressed me the most. Firstly, its use of space is wonderful. It is in a medium-sized incredibly well lit room. In this space, the objects are really at the forefront. The use of light colours on the walls and floor are in stark contrast to the somewhat brightly-coloured ushabti and mummies in the centre of the room. I just think it was a fantastic way to really make the objects shine. Continue reading “University of Sydney: Nicholson Museum”

Best Museums in Salem and Danvers, Massachusetts

To accompany my new post on the Witches’ Sabbath I thought it’s about time I wrote on the museums I visited in Salem and Danvers, Massachusetts. All bar one directly relates to the Witch Trials of 1692.

1. Peabody Essex Museum: Founded in 1799, the Peabody Essex Museum primarily traces the maritime history of Salem. Inside are a variety of curious objects that were brought to Salem from Asia, Africa, Oceania and India. It is a fantastically diverse museum in the heart of Salem. Do not miss the opportunity to visit Yin Yu Tang, a fully reconstructed Chinese House that was home to the Hung family for 200 years. It is incredible to learn the history of the house and hear how it was transported from China all the way to Salem. In the middle of the house is a common area with an open roof and two koi ponds – so quaint it is hard to believe you are not in China. The rest of the museum is definitely worth seeing as well. If you can, make sure you join a guided tour. They are fantastic for pointing out the highlights. Continue reading “Best Museums in Salem and Danvers, Massachusetts”

The Beatles Tour

So my time in England has come to an end. The last museum I want to review is the Museum of Liverpool. I don’t have a lot to say about this one. We visited just to see the Beatles installation show on the top level. That, in itself, was worth visiting. You step into darkened room that plays Beatles music and tells you a bit of their back story.

There is something else I’d like to write about – the Fab Four cab tour of Liverpool. It wasn’t a museum per-se but we saw a couple on the way. Continue reading “The Beatles Tour”