Museum Tour 2015

If I wasn’t completely museumed-out in Mexico earlier this year then here is my opportunity to go overboard! Tomorrow I leave for Amsterdam and the UK to present at a Conference in Liverpool. My topic is how museums represent the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Along the way I am going to see as many museums as humanly possible. London is home to the most museums and art galleries in the world. I’ve picked the ones I’m super desperate to see and I’ll be writing reviews/general commentary in the form of blog posts as I go along. There are a few obvious choices left out of the list. There are a few I’ve been to more than once and that I’ve sadly sacrificed for the greater good of other museums I am yet to venture in to.

Stand Up!

Here is my wish list!

1. Hunterian Museum (I am presenting at the History of Medicine Conference later on in July on the development of medical museums – very excited for this one!)


3. Old Operating Theatre (keeping the medical museum theme travelling along nicely)

4. Imperial War Museum (yes please)

5. Tate Modern (need to balance with some art)

6. Nottingham Castle (castle museum :D)

7. Jorvik Viking Museum in York

8. International Slavery Museum Liverpool

I have a lot that are maybes as well in case we have more time. The V&A is one that I would love to revisit so we’ll see. Otherwise these are the top eight that I will endeavour to review.

Happy reading when the posts are available!!

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Rebecca Lush

Exhibitions and Education Officer at Gladstone Regional Art Gallery & Museum

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